Hardwood Refinishing

Bring Your Hardwoods Back to Life

Learn about our affordable hardwood refinishing services

Are your hardwood floors scratched, faded or discolored? The solution to your problem isn't replacing your entire floor. Instead, reach out to Complete Floor Services LLC for hardwood refinishing services.

When you hire us to refinish your floors, you can count on our crew to:

  • Sand and stain your floors
  • Add a coat of color sealer
  • Apply a protective finishing coat
Make your hardwood floors look good as new - schedule top-notch refinishing services today.

Why hire a pro to refinish your floors?

Although DIY tutorials can be helpful for a lot of home improvement projects, some tasks need to be left to an experienced team. Check out these benefits of trusting an expert to refinish your floors:

  • Save money by not renting or buying the necessary equipment for the task
  • Prevent your floors from being damaged further by leaving the job to a pro
  • Complete your refinishing project faster and rest assured that it's done right
For more information about our hardwood refinishing services, call 240-876-3811 now.